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Future of Automation

At the presentation we will discuss the following topics:
  • Presentation of various types of robots and various types of industrial robots
  • Quick overview of facts about industrial robots
  • What is the purpose of robots?
  • Past, present and future of industrial robots
  • Current trends in automation/robotics:
    • Collaboration of robots with humans
    • Internet 4.0 and robotics
    • Artificial intelligence and robots
    • Fenceless robotic centres
    • Mobile robotics centres
    • Intuitive operation/programming
  • Current examples of application and constraints/challenges we are facing – what can an industrial robot do for you?
  • Future trends in automation and robotics as seen by FANUC
  • Can human labour be fully replaced and is that desired?

Lecture will start on 9. 4. 2019 ob 12.00 v Small Congress Hall

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