Novelties IIF 2022


 HYTORC CENTRAL EUROPE – VELCOTEC GMBH C hands free bolting, industrial 4.0 bolting Solutions
3WAY D.O.O. L advanced 3D scanning, 3D printing and CAD/CAM technologies
ABC MAZIVA D.O.O. D boronless emulsions
AMIS GMBH K foil recycling, pipe recycling and wood briquette production machinery
AUDAX D.O.O. K digital transformation in industry, industrial IOT, production simulation, AR
AUTOMATOR D.O.O. L1 FYBRA II laser system, UBI housing with integrated laser system, VIS II laser system
BA-TECH D.O.O. ZP automatic laser welding
BENI TEHING D.O.O. L1 heat treatment procedures
BENT EXCELLENT D.O.O. L1 machine cleaning, professional disinfection
BETAPLAST D.O.O. C pre-insulated COOL FIT system for cooling, secondary cooling and ventilation and new orbital welding machinery
BOSIO D.O.O. C tempering and bluing furnace, retort production
CARL ZEISS D.O.O. D PiWeb computed tomography – data monitoring software
CNC TECH D.O.O. L new generator Exeron EDM
DAIHEN VARSTROJ D.D. C Welder Monitoring, FD-19 robot controller, Easy Inverter
EGAL D.O.O., LJUBLJANA L1 Mobile printers MP100&MP75 and PANDIT EPSON, Verisafe 2.0
EKOBUM D.O.O. C Aero PCS 60, Microclean I3 – second generation
EMA D.O.O. L1 newest products and solutions in the field of labelling and tracking of goods, protective packaging and engineering
FAKULTETA ZA TEHNOLOGJO POLIMEROV L1 thermoplastic injection moulding tool,  injection moulding tool engraving insert
FANUC ADRIA D.O.O. L+K novelties in robotics and automation, industry 4.0
HASCO AUSTRIA GMBH L1 tool components and parts, measuring and monitoring tools
HEINRICH KIPP GMBH L NOVONOX hygienic, Modular Clamping Technology and Workpiece Stabiliser
ILIRIK D.O.O. D industrial manipulator, robotic gripper
INGVAR D.O.O. C Fronius TST PULZ  welding machine,  TPSi CMT robotic welding and TIG welding machines Fronius
IPRO ING D.O.O. C new welding procedures, filtration of viruses and bacteria
IPS SYSTEMTECHNIK D.O.O. L 5 axis milling machine
KOVINOS D.O.O. L1 new versions of milling machines
KROKK D.O.O. L1 new version of SprutCAM 15
L.F.AIR-CONDITION D.O.O. C modular welding table with suction
LESNIK d.o.o. K mould slides, curtains and funnels, produced by Lesnik d.o.o.
MAKOM TRGOVINA D.O.O. C1 + ZP automation of cleaning, optimisation of consumption
MASTROJ D.O.O. K fiber laser cutter, Trubend bending machine and laser welding
MB-NAKLO D.O.O. L robotic hands, advanced PKD tools, manipulators
MEREL D.O.O. L1 new models of analysis equipment, own production programme
MINOX D.O.O. D sanding
MPT SISTEMI D.O.O. L MPT SISTEMI d.o.o. – renovation of coordinate measuring machines with Renishaw equipment, MPT SISTEMI d.o.o. – latest technologies in the world of coordinate measuring technology, GGW GRUBER GMBH – opticline and manual measuring equipment
MURNIK D.O.O. K lubrication technology
NOBIS POHIŠTVO D.O.O. D adjustable office furniture for an ergonomic work environment
OPL D.O.O. L Bosch Industry 4.0; novelties, lean production and monitoring systems, automated production lines and conveyors
ORCA JAKA CVAHTE S.P. C ErgoPack ergonomic system for pallet strapping – generation X
PNEVMOTEX D.O.O. C riveting automation, speed riveting
PRECIZ D.O.O. L1 Soter – new system modules, advanced weighing solutions
RLS D.O.O. L Renishaw REVO5, Renishaw Equator
RSC HOLDING D.O.O. L1 industrial components
SLAVA D.O.O. D LX610e colour label printer with built-in cutter
SM STROJKOPLAST D.O.O. D clamps with electronics, EMS 16
SOLID WORLD D.O.O. L1 cloud software solutions, 3D scanning, reverse engineering
STÄUBLI SYSTEMS S.R.O. K robot tool changers, quick couplings: all industries
TKC D.O.O. C laser welding
UNIPLAST INŽENIRING D.O.O. K energy-efficient machine, Boy E hybrid
URMAT D.O.O. C CRP welding robot  and Miller welding machine
VARIKON D.O.O. C TIG feeding with hot wire, Optrel innovative face and respiratory protection and orbital welding
VIRS D.O.O. C LaserFlex – laser welding robot cell, CoboFlex – collaborative robot
VOESTALPINE HPM INT. GMBH L1 3D printed parts for tooling and powder for 3D printing
VPENJALNI SISTEMI D.O.O. K palletization, laser engraving, machines
WECO SRL C novelties in welding and metal cutting with plasma
WEILER ABRASIVES D.O.O. L CBN abrasive tools, ICE SPRING – grinders for springs and Metalynx and Toroflex grinders
ZLATARNA CELJE D.O.O. L1 nanotechnology, gold-germanium alloy for jewellery, high karat gold dental alloys