Novelties IIF 2019



Company Novelties Schedule
SLAVA D.O.O. E Primera LX910e colour label printer
UNIPLAST INŽENIRING D.O.O. K energy saving machines and robots with servo electric drive, production process automation
CHEMETS D.O.O. L1 useful value of 3D prints made of sand in various industries, depending on the surface finishing, 3D prints and scent marketing
TM D.O.O. L development, design and production of non-standard cutting tools
MJM MARUŠA BRINOVEC S.P. D new qualities of tools for machining of metals, new manners of mounting tools
AUTOMATOR D.O.O. L1 FYBRA laser system (FIBER laser), ASM cutting system, new AC500 (universal control unit)
ESTRA, D.O.O. L 5-axle CNC vertical…, wire erosion with linear motors
ABC MAZIVA, D.O.O. D cleaning of forming machines
BMR-TRADE D.O.O. C1 novelties in the field of trimming
OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH C leading on the European market, expert on cantilever racking units
LOTRIČ Meroslovje D.O.O. L1 TRAMES Unique systems, measuring devices for measuring dimensions
CGS plus D.O.O. L1 HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printing
3WAY D.O.O. L advanced 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies
MASTROJ D.O.O. K fibre laser cutter, latest TRUBEND bending machine, punching technology
MASTROJ D.O.O.(za DURRECOCLEAN) K machines for washing and cleaning of products and semi-finished products in production
BETAPLAST D.O.O. C COOL FIT pre-insulated system for cooling, secondary cooling and ventilation, new orbital welding machines
VIRS D.O.O. C adaptive robotic welding, WeldCockpit – data monitoring
HYPEX D.O.O. L1 Unimotion electric cylinders, online tool for calculating and selection of Unimotion products, expanded online store with configurators
IPRO ING D.O.O. C TIPTIG – new welding procedure
CARL ZEISS D.O.O. D computed tomography, PiWeb – programme for monitoring measurements
VOESTALPINE HIGH PERFORMANCE INTERNATIONAL GmbH(bohler) L1 high-capacity dies for injection of reinforced plastic, powder for the production of additives, 3D printed components
GORENJE ORODJARNA D.O.O. K new technologies in the field of sheet metal forming
ROBOS D.O.O. K B8 machine controller
OPL D.O.O. L Bosch collaborative robots, i4.0 Bosch rexroth, lean production processes
RLS merilna tehnika D.O.O. L Renishaw REVO5, Renishaw Equator, HLM18 measuring rod
ITS D.O.O. K new software solutions
GIMATIC SISTEMI D.O.O. K new products, mechatronics – NFC – Wi-Fi module
MURNIK, D.O.O. K lubrication technology
HEINRICH KIPP GmbH L NOVOnox hygienic, modular clamping technology, workpiece stabiliser
STROJNIK, D.O.O. C device for safe and simple handling of tools
TOP TEH, D.O.O. K entirely electric machine for plastic injection, grain-by-grain optometric dosing, dust remover – solution for black dots
AUDAX, D.O.O. K use of AR in industry, novelties in CAD, IoT and PLM software, advanced materials for 3D printing, 3D metal printing technology
EMUGE-FRANKEN TEHNIKA D.O.O. L1 circle segment end mills, Punch Tap, Speedsynchro
FANUC Adria D.O.O. L the latest achievements in robotics, industry 4.0, novelties from the field of automation
HASCO AUSTRIA GmbH L1 tool parts and components, measurement and monitoring tools
TIPTEH D.O.O. K 3D machine vision, GA500 new frequency transformer
SCHUNK Intec GmbH K KONTEC KSC Basic Line – The Modular SCHUNK Centric-, Single and Multi Clamping System
HALDER D.O.O. L robotisation in the industry
INGVAR D.O.O. C new TIG devices, robotic CMT welding
TOPOMATIKA K ATOS 5 – industrial optical measuring system
MISKO D.O.O. L1 advanced processing, additive machining
PROMARS D.O.O. L1 processing with hard metal holders with exchangeable discs, processing of wear-resistant materials
CADCAM LAB. D.O.O. L1 digital twin, simulations, digitalisation, simultaneous engineering
JOSS D.O.O. C weld cleaning devices
LABSYS D.O.O. L1 Fenix 200 ACL hardness tester, UTS 5945 Instron, XAH 250 HELMUT FISCHER
ZLATARNA CELJE D.O.O. C nanotechnology, production of nanoparts
HYDROPOWER EVOLUTION D.O.O. L1 robotised welding, plasma cutting, robot milling and CAD/CAM programming of a robot
ORCA JAKA CVAHTE S.P. E ErgoPack generation X
INEA RBT D.O.O. L1 remote access to devices
PRIMINER GmbH C 3.4 and 5 axis CNC machining Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain
BEST FINISHING SRL L1 after-treatment of mechanical parts and accessories
PRO 93 D.O.O. K self-emptying cooling devices with an integrated adiabatic system and heat exchanger
VPENJALNI SISTEMI D.O.O. D palletisation, laser engraving, alignment of tools
ILIRIK D.O.O. C1 magnets, electromagnets, pneumatic magnets, quick replacement of plastic injection moulds, lifting and manipulation technology
GAZELA D.O.O. Krško L1 PVD TISA coatings, INOXAL, AluCrom-TL, measurement of topography of surfaces Mahr nm
TELERADIO BALKAN D.O.O. E hydra series – high and remote control for hydraulic applications
KOČEVAR D.O.O. C largest welding tongs in the world
TU-VAL D.O.O. C automation of riveting
OMEGA AIR D.O.O. C1 oxygen and nitrogen generators
EMA D.O.O. E printing on metals (acid inks), tracking (RFID labels), serialisation (pharmaceutics and distribution)
KADANT JOHNSON DEUTSCHLAND GmbH C1 treatment and cleaning of rolls (continuous and discontinuous during production)
KLN Ultraschal AG C plastic welding machines
TUNGALOY REZNI ALATI D.O.O. C presentation of new tools that will be launched on the market in 2019
3D-ING D.O.O. L1 latest robotic 3D scanning with a 3D optical scanner
MESSER SLOVENIJA, D.O.O. C three component mixtures at welding
TALUM SERVIS IN INŽENIRING, D.O.O C robotised cleaning of casts new series of EuromaGroup products
HALTER CNC Automation BV K robotic system for loading CNC machines
MEREL L1 spectroscopic measuring technologies and collaborative robot
ISKRA VARJENJE, D.O.O. C pulse MIG welders, inverter MIG welders and lightweight portable MIG welders
PRODUTECH SRL E unique solution with the new combined line “Efficol” with cutting and laser cutting technology in one device
QTECHNA C Phase Array method, digital radiography
TRGOSTAL-LUBENJAK, j.t.d E FlyMarker Mini, MEBApro 300A, SwingGrinder
NOBIS POHIŠTVO sit-stand desk, ergonomic office swivel chair
BARJANS D.O.O. C wiping towels, lint-free cleaning and polishing cloths, Vikan industrial brushes, brooms and cleaning accessories, professional 4-stage skin care system
MPT SISTEMI D.O.O. E CMM renovation with Renishaw equipment, latest technologies in the world of coordinate measuring technology