Fair in numbers


Celjski sejem and the Chamber of Public Utilities are organising a long-awaited new specialised B2B fair event in Slovenia – KOMOT, Public Utility Equipment, Waste Management and Water Technologies Fair, which will take place in Celje between 17 and 19 May 2023.

Our commitment is to build a professional, future-oriented community where a uniform platform will be built for presenting industrial solutions and innovations in the fields of public utility services, drinking water supply, discharge and cleaning of wastewater and waste management.


If you are one of the following:

companies performing environment protection public utility services,

companies performing other environment protection services on the market,

concession operators,

production companies that generate waste materials,

industries generating wastewaters,

municipalities and relevant ministries,


research and educational sector,

you should absolutely visit the KOMOT fair.

At the three-day fair event, important professional presentations from the fields of waste management and water supply will take place.

The fair’s abundant exhibition and professional programme will bring together public utility service providers and service and technology users with the manufacturers and providers.

If you want your company to be up-to-date with the novelties on the environmental technology market, you can take advantage of the KOMOT fair, which will not only provide an abundant exhibition programme, but also plenty of educational and informative contents.

If you see yourself in these areas or if you merely find these topics interesting, make sure to be there.
KOMOT is a fair that will bring together all spectres of environmental technology and efficient and responsible environment management. Join us and learn about the trends of the field.