International Industry Fair broke a record at the number of visitors!

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Press release at the end of the 53rd MOS: “A year and a half was enough for us to realise how important MOS was for the Slovenian economy”   

International Industry Fair broke a record at the number of visitors!

In the four days between 9th and 12th April, the International Industry Fair was visited by over 15.000 visitors, which is 25 % more than at the last fair. The event received excellent feedback from visitors and exhibitors, proving the massive significance of the fair in the region. The promising situation in the industry opens new opportunities for fair to grow further and strengthen its role as a space where the key novelties and achievements of the industry are presented every two years and where the majority of new business deals in the region are made.


The first results of the survey that Celje Fair regularly performs among exhibitors and visitors of fairs show that over 43 % of exhibitors that were surveyed have confirmed that a new business deal was made directly at the showground. 79 % of exhibitors assessed their performance at the fair as successful, and as many as 21 % considered it very successful. Their satisfaction is also confirmed by the fact that as many as 97% of exhibitors assessed this year’s International Industry Fair as better (57 %) or just as good as the one two years ago. Participation at such an event brings many business advantages and opportunities, which is confirmed by the number of exhibitors who regularly decide to participate in the International Industry Fair. As many as 72 % of them have exhibited at the fair at least three times already.

Visitors, too, were impressed by the fair – as many as 98 % of them said that the fair had met their expectations. This is also reflected in the way they graded the fair – almost 90 % of the visitors gave it a 5 or a 4. As the main reason for visiting the fair, the majority of visitors mentioned seeing the fair offer and novelties, and they visited the fair because the content is related to their work or they have a professional as well as a personal interest in the topics. The biggest share (39 %) of the visitors visited the fair for the toolmaking and machine building offer, and slightly fewer of them (36 %) for welding and cutting. The others were motivated by their interest in the exhibited materials and components. It is also encouraging to note that almost 90 % of the visitors have already decided to visit the fair again in the future.

In addition to the visitors from Slovenia, many visitors came from abroad – from the countries of the Balkan Peninsula (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia) and countries from Central and Western Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary).

Very impressive is also the number of exhibitors on this years IIF. The fair was held in 7 halls on 21.000 square meters. More than 350 exhibition spaces presented over 900 brands from 32 countries around the world.

Fair awards and national welding champions


The International Industry Fair included the traditional fair awards ceremony. Among the 13 products and services that were entered in the competition, the expert committee decided that golden awards should go to the companies Gorenje Orodjarna d.o.o. and KMS d.o.o.. Gorenje Orodjarna received a golden award in the category of manufacturers for its progressive tool for the production of extremely complex pieces of sheet metal, and KMS received the golden award in the category of representatives for its software and construction adaptations of a machine which ensures product quality by ongoing monitoring of parameters and adjustment of the quality of expressed material. In the category of manufacturers, the silver award went to the company. Kočevar d.o.o., and the bronze to Inoteh d.o.o.. In the category of representatives, the silver fair award went to the company Topomatika d.o.o., and the bronze to VSM ABRASIVES s.r.o..

The fair also held the 6th National Welding Championship, organised with the help of sponsors by the Maribor Welding Society, SKEI Slovenia Union and the Celje Fair. 33 participants competed in two welding procedures. The best of the 20 welders that competed in the MAG welding procedure was Hazim Hodžić from the company Altaj. In the welding procedure TIG where 13 welders competed, the first place went to Matej Kožuh from the company Preis d.o.o.. At this opportunity, the Krško, Maribor and Celje Welding Societies gave the Lifetime Achievement Award for professional work and efforts invested in the development of the welding profession in Slovenia and its recognition in the international arena to prof. dr. Janez Begeš.


You can see some highlights from the fair in the photo gallery and video gallery.


In May at the Celje Showground – Auto-Moto-Logo triplet


The Showground will host another fair event from 9th to 12th May, when Celje Fair is organising three professional auto-moto-logistics fairs: the 21st Car and Maintenance, 11th Utility Vehicles and Logistics and the 13th Moto Boom fair.

Together with partners, Celje Fair will organise several professional as well as attractive, adrenaline-laden events for the professional as well as the general public. In addition to quality exhibition halls and a sufficient number of parking spots in the direct vicinity, the infrastructure of the Celje Showground also comprises vast outdoor exhibition areas, which allow numerous side events that the public expects at such fairs. This year’s fair will include a spectacle on four wheels with Aleš Rozman, the only European capable of executing a salto backwards on a quad. Visitors will feast their eyes on the Custom Show and test drive light utility vehicles, and Kitty Truckers will challenge visitors to different driving skill duels.