Round table on the technologies in the field of cutting
Protecting tools with hard protective covers – improvements and challenges

IRT3000 at the IIF 2019

International Industry Fair in Celje will also be marked by the IRT3000 magazine. In addition to the professional contents covered by the magazine, visitors will be able to see the 60 cm tall programmable humanoid robot Blue NAO Evolution. Don’t miss the round table on trends and novelties in the field of cutting.


At the exhibition space of the IRT3000 magazine, which you can find in Exhibition Hall L1 at the Celje Showground (Exhibition space number 05), a lot will be going on during the International Industry Fair. The future of the industry and society will be significantly impacted by robots, so we decided not only to show our visitors the industrial robots, but also those that will live much closer to humans. In November last year, the IRT3000 magazone donated the 60 cm tall programmable humanoid robot Blue NAO Evolution to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, where students use it to learn the skills of operating service-, i.e. humanoid robots. How much basic and in-depth knowledge in programming, operating, basics of machine sight for object recognition and management of a humanoid robot they acquired in the last three months, will be shown to visitors of the fair by the NAO robot itself, with its skills and mischief.


Humanoid robots are already becoming a part of everyday life, especially in Japan, where the population is aging rapidly, and these robots will be of great help to the elderly with everyday chores. Using a humanoid robot students are already studying the possibilities of chores that NAO robot can perform, and manners of how to include it in the everyday life of humans.