A devalued profession that is being brought to life at the International Industry Fair
Slovenian engineers moving with the times

National welding champions are known

Wednesday at the Celje Showground is dedicated to the Welding Technique Day. This event included the 6th National Welding Competition, and this year the organisers have noted a record participation. The organisers Celje Fair, SKEI Slovenia and Maribor Welding Society also gave out a Welding Lifetime Achievement Award.

33 welders gathered today at the International Industry Fair in Celje and were put to two tests. In the morning they showed their knowledge in welding basics in the theoretic part of the test, and later they demonstrated their practical skills. “They compete in two different welding procedures. The committee will assess the competitors’ specimens, check them with an ultrasound and visually inspect them. The best welders will become national champions,” announced Dr. Tomaž Vuherer, President of the Maribor Welding Society.  

In the MAG welding procedure, the best welder was Hazim Hodžić from Institut za varilstvo d.o.o.. From the 13 welders that competed in the TIG welding procedure, the first place went to Matej Kožuh from the company Preis d.o.o.. There was one female participant,  Katarina Šauperl from the company ECOM Ruše d.o.o., who won fourth place in the TIG welding procedure. Although Katarina was the only representative of females at the competition, the situation in the welding industry is completely different, said Matjaž Vnuk, Director of Daihen Varstroj: “The number of women is increasing, especially in gentler types of welding, such as TIG. They are usually more sensitive and I think this is only positive for the atmosphere in the welding profession.”

At this opportunity, the Krško, Maribor and Celje Welding Societies gave the Lifetime Achievement Award for professional work and efforts invested in the development of the welding profession in Slovenia and its recognition in the international arena to prof. dr. Janez Begeš.

“Welders are uniting. Welding is a process of uniting, so it is normal that welders are uniting as well”, said prof. dr. Janez Begeš, also summarising the objective of the Welding Technique Day within the International Industry Fair. He also told us what the key to success was: “Work, work, and never give up. This way you create and do things that interest you and that are necessary.”

The first place in the MAG procedure was won by Hazim Hodžić, the second place by Rahman Lević from the company Vamar TT d.o.o. and third place was won by Zvonimir Gašparić, also from Institut za varilstvo d.o.o. The best in the TIG welding procedure was Matej Kožuh. Second place went to Jovica Radulj from the company Montaža Škrban d.o.o., and third place was won by Armin Brkić from the company TAB-MONT d.o.o.