IRT3000 at the IIF 2019

Round table on the technologies in the field of cutting

During the fair, more precisely on Thursday, 11th April 2019 at 12:00 at its exhibition premises, the IRT3000 magazine, in collaboration with the company SECOTOOLS, will organise a round table entitled Trends and novelties in the field of metal cutting. The participants of the round table will be: Patrick De Vos, SECOTOOLS, applicative enžgineer Zoran Svešek, SECOTOOLS, dr. Franci Pušavec from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, and dr. Jani Kenda from the company Hidria AET Tolmin. Moderator of the round table will be dr. Janez Kopač from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.


Metal cutting technologies and procedures are becoming an increasingly important part of production processes, and novelties on the market and knowledge in this field is also expanded by the IRT3000 magazine, which also published the Slovenian translation of the professional literature of Patrick de Vos. In the books (the collection includes four books, three have already been translated to Slovenian) the author provides detailed presentations of various physical models, which describe and analyse the metalworking process and metal cutting mechanisms. Due to the constant development of new strategic materials, tool manufacturers are developing new cutting materials and tools to be able to keep up-to-date with the strategies of the modern, fast and quality metalworking. In addition, in an increasing number of cases they also need to use modified procedures of cutting, such as MQL, Cryo (LN2, CO2), which, together with the latest tools, enable rational metalworking working,.