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International Industry Fair broke a record at the number of visitors!

Slovenian engineers moving with the times

“I’m thrilled that production technology has made so much progress in Slovenia,” said professor dr. Janez Kopač, dr. h. c. from the Chair of Machining Technologies Management from the University of Ljubljana at the round table organised by the IRT 3000 magazine during the Industry Fair.


The company IRT has been present at the fair for nearly 30 years. At this year’s round table they discussed production technologies and modern cutting tools produced by the Swedish company SEKO. As a rule, Slovenian companies don’t manufacture cutting tools, but they can coat them with plastic in a quality way, said dr. Kopač. “We apply coatings on the tools, and they are usually golden and purple – a darker colour. They are plasticised with a thin layer of titanium nitride and this is how we recognise quality. Each of the coatings is good for something; either for small cutting forces or the processed surface is very smooth and the trimmings are substantial. Slovenians are very good at that.  This is done, for example, by the Jožef Stefan Institute and a few other Slovenian producers that manufacture and plasticise cutting tools. Our engineers create state-of-the-art products and this is surely a pebble in the mosaic.” The reason for the quality of manufactured products lies in the excellent knowledge of latest technologies. At this year’s fair they will present the latest SEKO cutting tools. These are the so-called SEKO cutting inserts that are either put at the end of cutters, turning tools used in automotive or aircraft industry or for general use.

As he pointed out, modern tools must be composed of several segments. “Tools made of one piece are no longer relevant. Tools are adapted to products. We say that they are tailor-made tools. Such tools can machine a very quality product in a short amount of time. From a blank, a piece of steel, a piece of stainless steel or even titanium alloys that are very difficult to machine, we can make a product that can be used in the best of aircrafts.”

Slovenian engineers and technologists strive to be beneficial for the Slovenian industry in the sense of research, development, innovations, consulting, preparation of production and technological plans, workability tests, measurements and application of researches in the industrial environment.