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Celje Fair acquired the right to use the CO2 NEUTRAL trademark

Celje Fair continues to demonstrate its green orientation and commitment to sustainable development by reducing its environmental impact. Based on a calculation and verification of our carbon footprint we decided to participate in a carbon offset programme and became one of the first enterprises in Slovenia to acquire the certificate of achieved carbon neutrality, i.e. the right to use the CO2 NEUTRAL trademark. To achieve our offset goals, we only use emission coupons from certified projects internationally recognized by CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) or the Gold Standard.

 After Celje Fair became one of the first companies in Slovenia to install a solar power plant on its roof in 2008, we strived to meet the highest standards throughout the entire investment period of renewal of the showground infrastructure and the congress segment, taking into account all the energy efficiency guidelines for buildings. Energy efficient illumination, new heating and cooling systems with heat pumps and a high-speed electric vehicle charging station are just a few of the measures introduced at our showground.

Electricity consumption, heating, cooling, logistics and traveling contribute to the carbon footprint of individuals as well as legal entities. Carbon footprint is the amount of direct or indirect release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. By using the CO2 NEUTRAL trademark we demonstrate our active concern for efficient energy consumption, reduced emissions and our responsibility for the future of our planet.