50th MOS in Celje from 12th to 17th September – The largest regional fair is celebrating its anniversary with an extensive offer and its first partner country.

Presentation of the 50th MOS

MOS anniversary with a new concept, the first partner country in history, and a custom anniversary postal stamp from the Post of Slovenia

Each year in September, MOS, the largest business and trade fair event in Slovenia and the region, reflects the economic situation. This year between 12th and 17th September, the trade fair will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Celje Fair has taken advantage of this anniversary to segment the content of the fair even further, i.e. into five key areas. Moreover, the trade fair will receive its first ever partner country, Croatia, and the Post of Slovenia has honoured the anniversary by issuing a special stamp, which is available at post offices in Slovenia since Friday, 26th May 2017.

In his introductory speech at the presentation of the jubilee 50th MOS, Franc Pangerl, M. Sc., President of the Management Board of Celje Fair Plc, has pointed out that the economy and companies do not live on words; they live on its products and actions. Companies must cooperate, regardless of the political situation.

“In its half a century long history, MOS has not only followed, but also actively co-created the economic trends and as such it constantly changes and adapts to the increasingly fast changes in the environment. We have realised that people who haven’t visited the fair for years have no idea what MOS has to offer today. To make sure that MOS will be able to deal with challenges of the future, we emphasised the key content areas for the 50th MOS and sent out a clear message that MOS of today is significantly different from what it was 50 years ago, and quite different and more adapted to the modern trends and needs than it was even 10 years ago,” said Robert Otorepec, M. Sc., Executive Director, at the presentation.

The five content areas of the fair are: MOS – construction and home renovation, MOS – camping and caravanning, tourism and food, MOS – craft and industry equipment and materials, MOS – business services and business opportunities abroad and MOS – general consumption products.

The more detailed segmentation of content areas of the fair will be accompanied by a slightly different distribution of offers in the exhibition halls. The builders’ joinery programme is moving to Exhibition Hall D, which will complement the construction and home renovation offer in the eastern part of the showground. The offer of furniture will also be expanded. This year, the showground atrium will be future-oriented, as it will present the home of the future – a wooden mobile home of the future and everything that belongs with it.

The anniversary fair brings an extensive offer for attractive leisure activities in the nature, i.e. the content area MOS – camping and caravanning, tourism and food. Visitors can expect a diverse offer of motor homes, caravans and camping equipment brands. In terms of space, the offer will be expanded on the southern part of the showground, where a special place will be allocated to practical demonstrations of caravan driving and parking lessons. Visitors will be able to test drive motor homes, and the exhibitors are preparing special offers for families and active pensioners.

Furthermore, the offer in the MOS – craft and industry equipment and materials content area, which has been quite fragmented throughout the showground, will now be concentrated in the exhibition halls K, C1 and part of the outdoor exhibition spaces. According to Otorepec, the content area MOS – general consumption products is significantly smaller than it was 15 or 20 years ago, when it represented almost one half of the offer at MOS, but it is still interesting for a substantial portion of the audience. “The visitors’ main motive for attendance in the recent years has been the desire to see the novelties and acquire useful information, while the third most commonly cited reason for attendance continues to be favourable prices. So we will continue with our activities in this area in the future.”

The content area MOS – business services and business opportunities abroad is co-created by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. This year, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, which presented itself for the first time at MOS in 2016, will upgrade its presentation even further. According to Jernej Tovšak, Acting Director of the Directorate for Internationalisation, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the Ministry, this year’s MOS is an important business event in the region, which is a great opportunity to further strengthen the existing cooperation with Croatia and our relations with other countries in the region. “The trade fair is an excellent opportunity for concluding new businesses and internationalisation of our companies; and the Ministry of Economic Development ascribes special significance to this opportunity.” In addition to the comprehensive presentation of the Ministry’s fields of work at the exhibition area, the Ministry will also encourage discussions on numerous current issues and organise a wood-themed exhibition.

The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia continues to remain an important partner of the fair. In fact, this fair was born 50 years ago at the initiative of craftspeople and they were the ones who first organised it. According to the Chamber’s president Branko Meh, it is extremely important that our craftspeople and entrepreneurs are able present their products and services to domestic and foreign visitors. “To show what Slovenian companies can do, what they produce. And I would like to point out that the Slovenian companies, craftspeople and entrepreneurs are at the very top of the European economy.” At this year’s MOS, the Chamber will make a great effort to support presentations of its members, as Meh pointed out that the companies’ interest in a presentation at the fair has never been as great in the last decade as it is this year. At the same time, the fair is also an opportunity for numerous side activities and professional discussions. This year’s focus will be on apprenticeship.

Croatia – the first partner country in the history of the fair

Within the scope of the subject area MOS – business services and business opportunities abroad, the first partner country of the fair will be Croatia. According to Nina Ermenc Pangerl, Head of External Relations at Celje Fair, the emphasis will also be on group presentations of the countries from the region. “We expect massive participation from Serbia, and also Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Attending countries will include countries from Latin America, Middle East and Europe. We should also mention that this year China will be attending for the third time in a row. Under Premium Brands China, the country will host over 80 companies from the field of mechatronics.”

Croatia being the first partner country in the history of the fair is not a coincidence, says Nina Ermenc Pangerl. “It is a consequence of economic facts and possible opportunities in the future. The MOS trade fair has a long-standing tradition of hosting Croatian craftspeople and entrepreneurs which either exhibit independently or under the auspices of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Economy. Their significant presence most certainly stems from the fact that craftspeople and entrepreneurs have recognised the importance of MOS in the region and is a consequence of day-to-day cooperation between the crafts and economy chambers of both countries.

H. E. Vesna Terzić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Slovenia, pointed to the symbolic aspect of Croatia becoming the first partner country of MOS. “Number 50 is very symbolic. This year it is the 50th anniversary of the fair and also the 25th anniversary of mutual recognition of Croatia and Slovenia.” Experience has shown that people of both countries have lived together, known each other and have cooperated for many years. With great understanding they support each other in the realisation of common interests. Ana Mandac, Assistant Minister at the Entrepreneurship and Crafts Administration, Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Croatia, said that while being a partner is an obligation, it also provides a lot of satisfaction. Through the competent ministry and the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Economy, the Croatian government strives to present Croatia in the best possible light. “As H. E. Mrs. Terzić pointed out, we want to achieve maximum satisfaction after the fair. We want to show everything Croatia has to offer. We want to enable our craftspeople and entrepreneurs to get together, exchange their products and services and build new business relations.”

Custom anniversary postal stamp from the Post of Slovenia for 50th MOS

“Yes, a gift to MOS for its 50th birthday is also the official release of a postal stamp. Let me point out that this is not something that should be taken for granted. Only the most significant events, individuals and anniversaries deserve their special place on a postal stamp. The really important cultural, natural and historical elements. And MOS most definitely deserves its place on a stamp,” explained Simona Koser Šavora, M. Sc. from the Post of Slovenia. She believes that stamps stay etched in time and remain eternal promoters of a country and its characteristics in the world. “As issuers of stamps we are most proud of the special mission of stamps. Stamps bring people together. On a letter they bring together the sender and the recipient, and in the stamp collecting community they bring together collectors from around the globe. This is something that stamps and MOS have in common. Throughout its many successful years, MOS has proven that it brings together countries, people, visitors and exhibitors. Undoubtedly, MOS is also a great promoter of our country.”

The Slovenian Philatelic Society is also very much in favour of MOS, the fair of all fairs. “When the proposal arrived for this postal stamp, the members of the Philatelic Society in the stamp committee immediately supported the idea of issuing the stamp, because we are aware that the economy and economic development are the basis of everything and the fundament for all life expectations and needs that we have,” explained Igor Pirc,Vice President of the Slovenian Philatelic Society.

The anniversary stamp for the 50th MOS is available at all post offices in Slovenia since 26th May 2017. Also the first day cover and postmark were issued along with the stamp. The stamp is printed with added golden colour.