Celjski sejem in Zagrebški velesejem z roko v roki
Sajam svih sajmova od 10. do 15. rujna u Celju

Fair of All Fairs From 10th to 15th September in Celje

This year’s MOS has an even richer offer in store for its visitors. The most prominent fair in the region, which will take place between 10th and 15th September in Celje, is remaining loyal to last year’s segmentation to five key areas: MOS Dom, MOS Turizem, MOS Tehnika, MOS B2B and MOS Plus. The wide range of different areas is the biggest advantage of visiting the fair, as it allows you to be quickly and easily informed about everything you need.  

Every September, the Celje Showground attracts over 1500 direct and indirect exhibitors and a total of more than 100,000 visitors. MOS is also a junction of science, various crafts, technology, economy, innovations, as well as everyday practical products.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

Partner country

 The idea of partner countries is to improve economic relations between countries and is a story that has always resulted in concrete solutions and positive outcomes. This year’s partner country is Montenegro, which has prepared an abundant and vibrant programme for MOS. Wednesday, 11th September, will be dedicated to the tourism of Montenegro, Thursday will be dedicated to business meetings and “Montenegro – Your Partner” presentations, Friday will be dedicated to investment projects, and Saturday will be all about agriculture and entrepreneurship. All this will be accompanied by attractive events, presentations of their traditions, culture, culinary delicacies and drinks. A good indicator of how vivacious the fair will be under the partnership of Montenegro is the fact that over 40 exhibitors are coming from this country alone.


Camping and caravanning at the forefront

Freedom, independence, spontaneity and adventurous spirit are the characteristics that made the popularity of camping and caravanning grow in the recent years. This type of travelling is chosen by older people discovering calmer corners of the Earth, as well as youngsters yearning for fresh experience. You can discover what’s the right thing for you from 10th to 15th September at MOS, which will provide a wide offer of camper vans, caravans, popup tent trailers, camping equipment (awnings, canopies, tarpaulins, camping furniture, camping kitchens etc.), demountable camper units and upgrades, mobile homes, sups, bicycles and more.  MOS Turizem is the only and the largest fair in the field of camping, caravanning and tourism in Slovenia.

In addition to an extensive exhibition programme, those who are planning to buy a caravan can test their skills at a caravan manoeuvring course and ride leisure vehicles through the streets of Celje.  This year it will be the first time that owners of steel homes on wheels can bring their vehicles to the fair to sell them.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

To make sure you don’t run out of ideas for trips, MOS will also surprise the visitors with novelties in the field of tourism and ideas for day trips or longer getaways to cities, spas or rural areas. Exhibitors will tell you all about the accommodation capacities (hotels and private accommodation), museums, castles, theme parks and spontaneous nature trips. Since gastronomy is an excellent way to get to know places and their culture, there will be numerous tastings of dishes, liquid chocolate and tempting cocktails typical of specific countries and regions.


Home construction and renovation

 Collecting information about construction and accommodation solutions available on the market is a tedious process, which can be shortened significantly by visiting the fair that offers construction and accommodation solutions. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone who is planning to take on such projects in the future. This year’s MOS Dom boasts an even more extensive offer of wooden builders’ joinery (windows, doors), flooring and wooden steps, as well as indoor and exterior blinds, fences, house construction materials, furnaces, fireplaces, stoves, chimney systems, ceramics, heating technology, ventilation, sensor technology, roofing, pavers, construction materials and garden equipment. You can negotiate good prices with trustworthy manufacturers of construction materials and compare their offer right on the spot. At the fair it is incredibly easy to collect information, get quotes, learn about environmentally friendly materials and make an informed and quick decision.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

MOS free-of-charge counselling

The fair is marked by discounts and benefits provided by exhibitors, and the visitors can take advantage of plenty of free advice from independent experts. At 52nd MOS, Celje Fair continues with the MOS Counselling project, which received excellent feedback in the past years. At the fair visitors can get advice on efficient energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources from independent counsellors from the Eko foundation.

 You can get free advice on heating with heat pumps, learn about errors made in construction and examples of good practices from Carmen Hladnik Prosenc, and learn all about construction of energy-efficient wooden houses from Mr. Jernej Markelj. At MOS Counselling you can also learn about facade systems for energy retrofit of buildings and what investors must pay attention to, efficient consumption of electric energy and the advisability of investing in a solar power plant or buying an electric car, and ventilation in renovated and newly constructed buildings. If you’re interested in whether or not a solar power plant pays off, how to retrofit a building at nearly no cost, or how to reduce energy costs by means of simple measures, then visit MOS Dom to find the answers.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

Business opportunities

 The MOS B2B business, fair, conference and networking event is intended primarily for the owners and management of small and medium-sized companies and newly established companies. It brings together and educates entrepreneurs and contributes to the acquisition of new clients and establishing business contacts also on foreign markets, which can significantly shorten the time to export products or services to foreign markets.

At MOS B2B you can learn about all the novelties in the field of business, connect with the partner country (this year it is Montenegro) and take advantage of the only place where you can find this many business opportunities at once. This year, the organisers are expecting 150 foreign and Slovenian companies from at least five countries, as well as over 300 individual meetings.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

“Successful in Slovenia”

 At 52nd MOS in Celje the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and Advantage Austria Ljubljana with their partners the New Alpe Adria network of chambers and Enterprise Europe Network are organising a business meeting entitled “Successful in Slovenia”.

This international business meeting is an opportunity for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises to promote their business, connect, network, get new business deals, find new business opportunities, exchange experiences and become informed about business opportunities in the Alpe Adria region. Companies will be able to share their experience and develop new business ideas or projects.       

The event is intended for companies active in the fields of construction, electrical industry, electronics, mechatronics, automation and measuring technology, research, development, transfer of technologies, metal and tools processing machinery, metalworking industry, renewable energy sources, wood industry, plastic, food industry, tourism, logistics and transport.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

MOS enterprising talents

 For a number of years, Celje Fair has been giving brave and innovative young entrepreneurs the opportunity to present themselves in the company of nearly 1500 directly present exhibitors from 33 countries. The competition took place this year as well.

At the eighth MOS Enterprising Talents competition the committee was persuaded by:

  • Simplaner, Tara Drev s. p. (for Simplaner – planner with useful content that users actually use and that makes their planning easier),
  • Beesmetic, Medeni butik Č’bela d. o. o. (for Beesmetic – natural honey cosmetic line),
  • Naturally healthy dog, Majdi Kosi s. p. (for the Naturally healthy dog concept – natural dog health products, Dog coconut and Dog garlic),
  • CBD resin, GOLDMA d. o. o. (for hemp extract (resin) – a perfect extract of industrial hemp, containing the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and a high level of CBD),
  • TISHLER, Nejc Leskovar s. p. (for TISHLER Handmade Wooden Eyewear – handmade wooden glasses),
  • GO4GOAL, GO4GOAL d. o. o. (for intelligently designed sports socks GO4GOAL – socks that protect and offer the best conditions for physical exercise, with the purpose of improving sports capabilities)
  • noprintZ, Fin4Green d. o. o. (for noprintZ – platform which stores bills and invoices on the user’s portal instead of the wallet)

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

For professionals and DIY-ers

 MOS Tehnika offers a diverse programme of equipment and manual tools for DIY-ers as well as for professionals. It is a world of machines, robots, machinery, professional tools and vehicle maintenance, a world of technologists, developers, maintenance professionals, programmers, craftspeople, technical experts and hobby mechanics. Yet again, the exhibition programme of crafts and industry materials and equipment will be updated and teeming with novelties.

In exhibition halls K and C1 visitors can enjoy the extensive offer of Milwaukee manual tools, Bosch manual professional tools and DIY tools, manual electric tools, welding tables, grinding and cutting machines, Aerfast compressors, Senco tools, steel wire ropes, lifting equipment, measuring devices, crossbars, scales, clamps, personal protection equipment, industrial cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, 3D printers, packaging, woodworking machinery and much more.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

From plastic to metal – all in one place

The members of the Section of Metalworkers and Plastics workers will present their wide range of products and other offers. The products, services and the mission of the Section of Metalworkers and Plastics workers in general will be presented in one place, offering the visitors extensive information about the products and services of both industries.

Over 25 exhibitors from this field will be present at the showground, informing the visitors about gears, shafts, milling, turning, panels, transfer boxes, machine building, lifting tools, steel wire ropes, chains, production of (non)metal objects, springs, spring-related products, wire products, sheet metal products, development and production of plastic products and much more.

Science and economy go hand in hand 

Within the project “Encounter of Science and Economy” by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, the main Slovenian research institutions will be presented at MOS. Too often, the potential and process of innovation remain behind closed doors, so this time the institutions will present their work to the public. Visitors will be able to witness state-of-the-art technologies from the fields of mechatronics, automation, robotics, energy production, bionics, nanotechnology, space technology and other technologies. There will also be a presentation of new occupations, educational programmes, modern technological processes, high-tech innovations and modern technologies.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

The first Slovenian satellite

This year’s fair will be marked by the presentation of the first Slovenian satellite Trisat, developed by the members of Laboratory for Information Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Maribor and the researches from the company SkyLabs d.o.o. The satellite is planned to be launched on 9th September from French Guiana.


“With economic diplomacy to foreign markets”

On Friday, 13th September, the 9th Day of Economic Diplomacy will take place at 52nd MOS. At the event entitled “With economic diplomacy to foreign markets” the future activities of economic diplomacy will be presented. The event is intended for representatives of Slovenian enterprises, ambassadors and economic counsellors from foreign countries, accredited in Slovenia. It will begin by an official address by the member of the Management Board of Celje Fair Nina Ermenc Pangerl, address by the Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Miro Cerar, and an address by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia Zdravko Počivalšek. At the event, key players who represent a support environment for Slovenian companies in their internationalisation together with economic diplomacy will present their activities and instruments.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018

Fair nostalgia

 The different segments of the fair will be complemented by general consumption products at affordable prices, as it befits a fair with a tradition. The MOS Plus category maintains a part of what fairs used to be in the past and what we still secretly find alluring. There you can find household and medical items, handicraft products, home and garden items, gifts, clothing, bicycles, food and much more at competitive prices. A magical place where you can expect to be pleasantly surprised over and over again.

Foto: Celjski sejem d. d., MOS 2018