Coffee Festival Slovenia

Coffee Festival Slovenia

Fair for professional and amateur coffee enthusiasts and anyone who likes to pair it with delicacies of various kinds.

Learn more about specialty coffees, top quality coffees, café offer, coffee to go and coffee at home. Learn about coffee preparation with us! Together, we will bust the myths about this intoxicating hot beverage and enjoy the smells and flavours of coffee. Visit the fair to meet the exhibitors who will present various delicacies that we usually pair with coffee, such as gins, craft wines, chocolate, teas and desserts, and find out how the exhibitors merged this offer with the story of coffee.

The fair takes place within the scope of the Spring Fairs, which include Coffee Festival Slovenia, the Days of Hunt fair, the Days of Sport Shooting fair, Altermed & Flora and ApiSlovenia.

Coffee Festival Slovenia

Exhibition programme
  • Specialty coffees from different parts of the world for professional and home use
  • Micro roasters
  • Coffee making accessories and equipment for professional and domestic use
  • Cafés and bars
  • Café and bar equipment
  • Coffee condiments for professional and domestic use (milk, sugar, honey)
  • Coffee sets, coffee pots etc.
  • Manufacturers and providers of cleaning agents and accessories
Special guests of the festival
  • Various kinds of teas
  • Tea making equipment and accessories
  • Tea sets and tea condiments
  • Culinary delicacies with and without coffee
  • Boutique wines, craft beers, liquors
  • Coffee cosmetics

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