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Are you hungry for new experiences?

Then visit Sloverotika and discover the most passionate and hot erotic show!

This will be an event like no other!

What? 13th Sloverotika

When? November 24th and 25th, 2023 (from 5:30 PM to 2:00 AM)

Where? Celjski sejem

Intensity: Sizzling HOT!!

We are thrilled to announce a unique and fresh event that will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of erotica. After four years, the hottest and boldest erotic event, Sloverotika, is making a comeback at Celje Fairground, now in its 13th edition. The eagerly anticipated event will unfold on November 24th and 25th, offering captivating experiences and rich, daring content.

This time, the event is presented in a completely revamped format! It will feature tenderness, hot scenes, practical demonstrations, as well as educational content to help you explore everything you didn’t know or never dared to ask. And, of course, we won’t forget the wild action on the main stage where we’ll go all out. It’s going to be scorching hot!

We are excited to introduce several new features for this year’s Sloverotika:

  • Special Shopping Hour: A noteworthy addition is a dedicated shopping hour between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM. During this time, you can focus solely on shopping as there won’t be any events on the main stage. A DJ will create a special atmosphere, enhancing your shopping experience.
  • Demonstrations of Erotic Toys: Get ready for live demonstrations showcasing the operation of erotic toys, providing an informative and engaging experience.
  • Abundance of Educational Content: Explore a wealth of educational content, including sessions on tantric massages, offering valuable insights into sensual practices.
  • Fantastic Hosting Duo: A dynamic hosting duo will be present to ensure a lively and positive atmosphere, enhancing the overall enjoyment for all visitors.
  • Pleasant Intimate Corners: Discover inviting intimate corners equipped with tables and chairs, creating an extra cozy atmosphere for a more relaxed experience.
  • VIP Area: For a truly special experience, visitors can buy access to the VIP area, providing an opportunity to meet the stars of the evening and socialize with them over cocktails and snacks.
  • Additional Backstage Experience: Explore an additional stage backstage, featuring even more sizzling performances and events to add an extra layer of excitement to the Sloverotika experience.

What You Can Expect

We will provide you with hot scenes that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy, while simultaneously enriching you with new knowledge, courage, and innovative gadgets that will enhance your sex life. The showrooms will be filled with products and services designed to elevate the temperature in your bedroom. Our erotic fair will allow you to explore the latest sex toys, accessories, and techniques that will inject new vitality into your sex life. In addition to extraordinary performances on the main stage and many additional features, our erotic event will offer the most daring performances of all times that will awaken your senses and inspire you with passion. After attending Sloverotika, you will go home fully prepared for new sexual challenges.

Introducing Our Main Artists


We are pleased to announce the performance of the Croatian artist Sweet Mery, the reigning European Sex Champion. With her recent victory at the European Championship in Sweden, she has acquired a celebrity status that is soaring to new heights. At Sloverotika, she will captivate visitors with an unforgettable performance, showcasing the skills that make her the champion in the adult entertainment category. Her name has been well-known in the adult entertainment world for a long time, attracting loyal fans repeatedly.

She mentions that she is most animated when creating content for her OnlyFans profile. Men bring joy to her day, and her vibrator adds even more spice to the party. What will she reveal in Celje? What she does best – live, passionate sex.


Mister Riddle is the only Slovenian actor, producer, and master of creation in the world of adult content. This time, exclusively for Sloverotika, he will grace the big stage for the first time in front of a home crowd. He promises a show that you will never forget!

His creative talent intersects with renowned names in the adult entertainment industry, as he collaborates with adult movie stars to create sensual magic. Over the past year and a half, he has amassed an extensive collection of captivating film art. Mister Riddle was also a participant in the European Sex Championship in Sweden, significantly increasing his visibility.

He is preparing an unforgettable performance at Sloverotika where he is set to unveil his brand-new self! His transformation promises to be an unforgettable experience!



Subtly intelligent and exceptionally attractive, this Hungarian beauty is ready to unveil her mysterious side in our erotic show. This time, she comes to reveal her passionate and determined nature. Her chocolate-colored eyes will guide our visitors into a world of pleasure, passion, and exploration in sexuality. In this alluring show, she will be completely devoted to her naughty thoughts, passions, seduction, and the exploration of her own body, under the watchful gaze of the one and only Mr. Riddle.



The Spanish charmer from the EROSBOYS group is always in the spotlight, especially in the company of beautiful ladies. A true lover and seducer, with a perfect body that calls for hot touches. With his personality and words, he skillfully charms the ladies, while his gentle touches and fiery gaze soften anyone who comes close.



Vince presents himself as a gentle yet strong and passionate lover. He loves the nightlife in big cities, parties, and waking up in the company of women. He will ignite the flame of passion, taking you on an exciting ride on the carousel of erotic feelings.



Oly will captivate anyone. Her alluring moves take over the stage and ignite your imagination.



Her performance is playful and provocative. She will evoke feelings you didn’t even know you had.



Dori is the girl who captivates the imagination with her juicy performance. She touches the most hidden corners of your desires, and you will dream about her long after the show.



Mona is a mysterious and stunning girl who will reveal her unique allure on stage. Her performance will be like a spell that captivates and transports you into the world of passion and hidden fantasies.



Candy Alexa is a voluptuous and statuesque Russian currently creating in Hungary. Her hot journey began when she was just 18. In the world of adult entertainment, she is known for her impactful performances in hardcore films, sharing the stage with the biggest porn stars. Over her long career, she has received numerous awards.

Candy is distinguished by her stunning appearance – fair skin, seductive gaze, a charming smile, and an unwavering personality. She is most active on the X platform, where you can become her loyal follower. Of course, you can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook to enjoy her sizzling content.



On the stage, you will witness an exciting performance from Liv, exclusively for your pleasure, straight from Los Angeles. Her Latino appearance, black voluminous curls, sun-kissed complexion, and seductive figure are just some of the features you will admire. Liv, who is incredibly charming, slim, and petite, can’t wait to finally return to Slovenia.

She is of Greek, Mexican, Filipino, and Native American descents which gives her a special passionate energy. She boasts numerous hot performances in erotic music videos, adult films, and online scenes, sharing the stage with many recognizable names in the adult entertainment industry.



Making her debut with us is the gentle and loving blue-eyed Russian, Kira Queen. She claims that her imagination knows few boundaries, as she most enjoys naughty antics in the company of other girls.

She started her journey in the adult industry at 26 and has since filmed numerous naughty scenes. Additionally, she is a passionate lover of dogs and loves to travel. Her hobbies include taking selfies and browsing the internet. You may be lucky enough to capture a hot selfie with her.



Helena Valentine is a Hungarian porn star who entered the industry in 2015. Throughout her career, she has explored various genres, including threesome, orgy, lesbian, group sex, anal, interracial, and hardcore scenes. Despite her active presence in the adult entertainment world, little is known about this stunning Hungarian blonde. We offer you an exclusive sneak peak into her dirty mind at our event.



The male striptease group – Erosboys – officially came into existence on March 8, 2012. Through their artistic performances, they pamper the ladies and young women, giving them a moment that is exclusively theirs.

They also participate in various parties organized for different events, including bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations. Over the years, Erosboys have constantly perfected their artistic performances, becoming increasingly seductive by incorporating tribal choreographic elements, modern dances, and rumba.

Erosboys aim to ensure that the ladies and gentlemen you invite to the event will experience something truly exceptional and unforgettable.


Exclusive At Sloverotika – Discover Tantric Pleasures!


We invite you to a unique experience where we will reveal the tantric secrets in sexuality and open new doors of intimacy based on a deeper connection between partners. Tantra provides an opportunity for those who wish to explore the depths of tantric sexuality and spiritual unity. Explore the world of passionate tantra and experience sexuality in a special way.

Tantra teaches you how to maintain the intense love you felt with the first kiss and touch. Lovers journey into the world of fantasy, spirituality, and higher connection – all leading to an explosion of emotions, naturally leading to more intense sexuality.

Visitors will have the chance to enter another world in a special space exclusively dedicated to tantra and educational content. You will discover your hidden desires – provocative, groundbreaking, and full of revelations. Performances and ecstasies that will not leave you indifferent.

Multiple shows will be available for you, providing an opportunity for a retreat into the world of timeless erotic secrets. Tantra represents an erotic concept of bodily spirituality, intricately woven with the mystical charm of the Middle East and its unparalleled passion for spirituality. Sensual dancers will guide you into another world, and the shows will be accessible throughout, with a particular emphasis on the spectacle of mystical erotica and ecstasy.


Time For Hot Purchases

At Sloverotika, special attention will be given to exhibition spaces that will remain open throughout the event. Additionally, we will provide visitors with a dedicated shopping hour, between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, when no shows will be carried out on the main stage. During this time, visitors can explore exhibition spaces continuously and purchase desired products. Throughout the breaks, we will encourage shopping, anticipating visitors familiar with pleasures and passion, attending the fair with the intention of acquiring new accessories, exploring interesting services, and learning something new. These are events where visitors are more relaxed and curious about trying and experiencing new things, surrendering to even greater pleasures.

Mini Theater For The Bold Ones

For even more bold visitors, a special space will be available where, for an additional fee of 5,00 €, they will enjoy extra shows, even more exciting than those on the main stage.

Sensual Experiences – Get to Know Sex Toys and Passionate Girls

The event will be filled with sensual and erotic content, from a photo corner to educational sessions where we will be guided into the world of sex toys by the store Svet užitka. Throughout the fair, attractive girls will circulate among the visitors, who will be able to cool themselves with refreshing drinks.

Hot Tickets

Tickets have been available since August at special pre-sale prices, with each subsequent month seeing an increase in price:

  • August: 23 EUR
  • September: 26 EUR
  • October: 31 EUR
  • November: 36 EUR

Additionally, we offer a special VIP ticket – with this, guests can reserve a special VIP area where they can socialize and toast with the artists from our main stage:

  • August: 70 EUR
  • September: 75 EUR
  • October: 85 EUR
  • November: 95 EUR

For more information and ticket purchases, visit our website:

The team of Celje Fair Plc. invites you for a bold and sizzling hot adventure!

Discovering new paths to passion!

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