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1 February is also the first day of the fourth professional fair for agricultural and forestry technology and agricultural intermediate goods – AGRITECH 2024, which addresses all the contemporary needs of agriculturists and foresters. The fair will take place between 1 and 4 February 2024 at the Celje Showground.



Agritech, which is dedicated to technologically advanced agricultural and forestry machinery, is distinguished by the fact that it is the only professional fair in this field in Slovenia that takes place in winter. The fair will occupy six large exhibition halls of the Celje Showground, and part of the fair will take place in the outdoor areas of the largest and most modern showground in Slovenia. The last fair, which took place in March 2022, had a record number of visitors in five amazing, action-packed days, and the exhibitors were happy to report that many successful deals were made. The fair attracted nearly 25,000 visitors, who were impressed by the diverse exhibition offer and the abundant side events programme.



The fair will host 105 direct exhibitors and 350 brands.

Exhibitors come from six countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, United States of America, Germany.

The fair will feature Slovenian manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machinery.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see:

  • agricultural machinery (tractors, ploughs, spreaders, sprayers, mowers, tedders…)
  • forestry machinery (wood splitters, chainsaws, forestry winches, trailers, lifts, protective equipment…)
  • additional offer for farmers, foresters, fruit growers and winegrowers (seeds, fertilizers, crop sprays, phytopharmaceuticals, feed and others).

AGRITECH’s offer will be complemented by content-filled events, machinery demonstrations and test drives. The Agritech 2024 professional fair is an excellent opportunity for putting contemporary and innovative concepts of soil cultivation and forest management into practice. In addition to the exhibitions, the fair offers a number of exciting activities, which include tractor test drives and live practical demonstrations of the operation of forestry machinery. The past Agritech fairs have undoubtedly proven that live presentations (including test drives and demonstrations) are the most popular among trade fair visitors. Fairs remain an invaluable opportunity, where visitors can see the diverse and abundant offer, test it and learn all about the latest innovations, all in one place.



Throughout all days of the fair, visitors can take tractors by different manufacturers on test drives, which will take place in the outdoor areas of the showground. Visitors can apply for test drives directly at the exhibition space. You can drive the tractors yourself or experience them as a passenger, accompanied by a company representative. This way, potential buyers can test the tractors first-hand and see whether or not they are the right investment for their farm. 



In addition to test drives, there will also be practical demonstrations of the operation of the finest forestry machines every day of the fair. Visitors will get the opportunity to see how these machines do a variety of jobs, including loading and sawing logs and much more, which will give you an insight into how these machines work and help you understand their efficiency.



This year’s novelty is the evaluation of machines and products by visitors – Best of Agritech 2024 in multiple categories. Since visitors are also the users of this machinery, they can give their opinion (vote) at the fair about which machines/products/services are the best in their category (CATEGORIES: Tractors and transport, Fertilisation, tillage, sowing, plant protection, irrigation, Harvesting and storage of fodder, Harvesting crops, Forestry, Animal husbandry, parts and intermediate goods).



  • This is the only specialised fair of its kind in Slovenia.
  • All the information, trends and novelties from the field of agricultural and forestry machinery and exhibited additional offer, intended for performing basic agricultural activity, collected in one place.
  • The leading brands from the fields of agricultural and forestry machinery will be present, as well as additional offers for farmers, foresters, fruit growers and winegrowers.
  • You can make new contacts in person and talk to manufacturers and sellers.
  • You will gain a thorough insight into the current offer on the market.
  • Visitors and exhibitors can exchange their experience and best practices.
  • You can take advantage of various fair benefits.

AGRITECH is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the operation of machinery, make direct contact with the leading players in the industry, and to research the latest innovations.



Category Exhibition programme
Tractors and transport –          tractors

–          front-end loaders

–          telescopic loaders

–          mini loaders

–          trailers

Fertilization, tillage, sowing, plant protection, irrigation –          ploughs

–          harrows

–          chisel ploughs

–          sowing machines

–          spreaders

–          cisterns

–          sprayers and sprinklers

–          mulchers

–          scarifiers (tillers)

–          irrigation systems

Harvesting and storage of fodder –          mowers

–          tedders

–          rakes

–          hay loading trailers

–          balers

–          bale wrappers

Harvesting crops –          combines

–          forage harvesters

–          machinery and equipment for the production and processing of vegetables

–          machinery and equipment for the production and processing of fruit

–          packing, sorting lines

–          machines for washing fruits and vegetables

–          machinery and equipment for grape processing and enology

–          machinery and equipment for oil production

–          machinery and equipment for wine growing (grape harvesting)



–          forestry winches

–          log splitters

–          cutting and splitting machines

–          wood chippers

–          forestry trailers

–          forestry lifts

–          tipper boxes

–          tractor upgrades

–          forestry equipment

–          motor saws

–          log tongs

–          remote controllers

–          firewood bundlers

–          mobile cable yarders

–          logging clothing

–          other protective equipment (gloves, glasses, helmet, ear protection…)

Animal husbandry, parts and intermediate goods –          animal husbandry machinery and equipment

–          spare parts

–          navigation

–          seeds for agriculture

–          grass seeds

–          fertilizers

–          crop sprays

–          phytopharmaceuticals

–          animal feed

–          minerals, vitamins and other supplements for animal nutrition

What is the future of agricultural and forestry industry? Find out at AGRITECH 2024 between 1 and 4 February 2024!


We are preparing an abundant side events programme, which will impress even the most demanding visitors.

A variety of lectures, presentations of current issues and discussions on professional topics will take place in the halls of our Celje Congress Centre. On the second day of the fair, the Institute of Forestry will present the development of the social functions of forests on the example of the City Forest of Celje, after which they will shed light on the restoration of forests after the summer storms. At the same time, a consultation and meeting entitled Young Generations Farm Smartly, organized by the Večer media house, will be held in the Blue Hall.

On Saturday, there will be a consultation on forest management and an interactive meeting on the topic of digital agriculture, prepared by the Slovenian Rural Youth Association.


On the last day of the fair, i.e. on Sunday, the Best of Agritech 2024 fair awards will be presented.


Test drives with tractors will take place throughout all days of the fair (applications at the info point of the outdoor area with a company representative. The schedule of test drives by tractor makes will be published on the fair’s website) and demonstrations of the operation of forestry machines (the schedule of demonstrations will be published on the fair’s website).



At Exhibition Hall L1, visitors will have the opportunity to view the exhibition prepared by the Celje regional unit of the Slovenian Forestry Institute.


All the ensembles and musicians who responded to our invitation will be given the opportunity to present their work to the visitors of the Agritech Fair. A substantial number of musicians responded, so we can assure you plenty of very diverse entertainment every day of the fair in the atrium of the Showground.


DO NOT FORGET – AGRITECH ONLY TAKES PLACE ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS! This makes it all the more important not to miss it!


See you between 1 and 4 February at the AGRITECH fair at the Celje Showground.


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