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FINALLY! The biggest business and trade fair event of the year has officially begun!

The event we’ve been waiting for a whole year – the most eagerly anticipated and largest trade fair event at the Celje Fair, opened its doors this morning. This year, on its 55th anniversary, it’s even more interactive, informative, and entertaining!

At the Celje Fair, we began the celebration with the official opening of the 55th MOS, the largest business and trade event in Slovenia and the surrounding region.

Nina E. Pangerl, the President of the Management Board of the Celje Fair, emphasized that the company has been working for 55 years to maintain, enrich, and upgrade the trade fair story, which adapts every year to the current conditions in craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and the economy. MOS successfully follows global trade show trends and guidelines, with the help of several important partners, such as the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, which has been shaping the content program for craftsmen and entrepreneurs from the very beginning, addressing critical issues, and promoting artisan professions at the fair. Digitalization is also a significant theme at this year’s MOS, effectively promoted by various ministries, many of which are exhibitors at the fair.

Matija Kovač, the Mayor of the City Municipality of Celje, highlighted that during MOS, the city transforms into a true trade fair city, and everyone breathes in harmony with it. In the context of digitalization, the City Municipality of Celje is also embarking on a path of innovation, and this year, they are presenting themselves as exhibitors with a universal card called “Centralka,” which, in its initial phase, offers parking payment, public transportation ticket purchase, and bicycle rental.

Blaž Cvar, the President of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business, emphasized that it was the craftsmen who initiated the 1st MOS trade fair 55 years ago. Despite the floods at the beginning of last month, they managed to maintain the planned content at the fair, and they express gratitude for the government’s measures that contributed to this. Cvar also stressed that small businesses form the backbone of the Slovenian economy, and everything must be done to ensure that this backbone does not break. This year, on the Crafts Street in hall L1, they are presenting 11 artisan professions and many interesting activities.

Matjaž Han, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, who was also the official opener of the fair, expressed gratitude for the Celje Fair organizing MOS for 55 years. He highlighted that it is a trade fair that’s more than half a century old with a new perspective, where we openly and sincerely discuss the challenges in the economy. After the August floods, he emphasized the strength of the community and the great solidarity of the Slovenian people, which always becomes evident when help is needed. He praised the cohesion in the field, working meetings, and conversations with people. He also announced that the ministry is preparing assistance for businesses.

The fair is hosting more than 600 exhibitors and 1,000 brand names. It will be open until 5:00 PM on Sunday, every other day until 6:00 PM.

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