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March Fairs 2024: Exceptional Atmosphere and Diverse Events

Over the course of three days, the March Fairs featured five different themed fairs, 380 exhibitors from 18 countries, and over 19,000 visitors.

Culinary competitions, local delicacies, as well as numerous lectures and accompanying events, were highlights of the March Fairs.

The first day began with an opening ceremony. This year’s March Fairs also included our first-ever Days of Sport Shooting Fair, so the president of the Shooting Union of Slovenia was invited as one of the official speakers.

The March Fairs were officially opened by:

  • Saša Kundih, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Celje,
  • Ljubo Germič, President of the Shooting Union of Slovenia,
  • Robert Otorepec, MA, Executive Director of Celje Fair Plc.


There was a venison goulash cooking competition on Saturday, offering captivating flavours and a lively atmosphere.

The finest goulash was prepared by:

1st place: Hunting club KROPA
2nd place: Hunting club Borovnica (Zvitorepci)
3rd place: Hunting club Otočec


The Quick, Healthy, Affordable cooking competition brought together schools from all over Slovenia and was held on the demo kitchen stage of the Altermed & Flora fair in Hall L. The committee narrowed down the top young chefs.

This title was won by the schools and dishes listed below:

1st place: Nettle pancakes and nettle fritters, Primary School Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

2nd place: Healthy Ferrero Rocher in a cup, Primary School Lava

3rd place: Buckwheat omelette with ramson and millet sprouts, Grammar School and Secondary School Kočevje


A veal stew cooking competition, sponsored by the Women Farmers Association of Slovenia, took place on Sunday in front of Hall K. The best veal stew was prepared by:

1st place: Women Farmers Association Škocjan
2nd place : Women Farmers Association Jakob
3rd place: Women Farmers Association Bučka


At the March fairs, a number of talks, panels, and lectures took place. The Ekoci civil initiative organised a particularly poignant discussion titled “Will we eat genetically modified food or naturally grown food in the future?” Click the following link to view their official press release.


The Celje Fair team, the March Fair organisers, would like to express their gratitude to all visitors, exhibitors, creators of the accompanying programme, and competitors for the wonderful atmosphere and exceptional responses. You helped bring spring to Celje, and in such an atmosphere, we hope to see you again at the March fairs next year.


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