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MARCH FAIRS 2024 – Official Press Release after Press Conference

Finally here! The March Fairs are calling!

Celje Showground between 15 and 17 March 2024

Celjski sejem presents the five exquisite fairs that will knock you off your feet! And the best thing is that you can visit all five of them with just one ticket – the Slovenia Coffee Festival, Altermed & Flora, Days of Hunt, Days of Sport Shooting and ApiSlovenia. You will learn all the secrets of delicious coffee, explore the possibilities of well-being and a healthy lifestyle and learn all about self-sufficiency, you will meet hunters, sports shooters and beekeepers, and, of course, their products, as well. You will be able to buy all the equipment you need or discover a new hobby. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, let’s get to know the fairs, one at a time!


Altermed & Flora: Discover the path to a healthy lifestyle

With the arrival of spring, the Celje Showground will host one of the “healthiest” fairs in the region – the Altermed & Flora Fair. The fair will take place between 15 and 17 March at the Celje Showground. In addition to the amazing side events programme and a number of interesting exhibitors, the visitors will get an astonishing opportunity to explore and discover the path towards improving their lifestyle and general well-being.

For years, the fair has been raising awareness about important topics concerning our health. At the Altermed & Flora Fair, you can learn about a wide range of products and services from the fields of alternative medicine and natural self-sufficiency. This includes nutritional products and supplements, natural skin care, cosmotherapy, herbs and herbal remedies, crystals, semi-precious stones, healing stones, meteorites, honey and beeswax products, health tourism, yoga, eco cleaning products, clay products, plants and seedlings, freeze-dried fruits, plant care tools, high beds, seed exchange, eco clothing and footwear (for children and adults), natural construction, eco furniture and products for healthy living, and much more.

Let’s not forget the diverse offer of the Flora segment, where you can buy a variety of seedlings and learn about tools and growing plants the natural way. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of bio fertilizers for sustainable and ecological gardening and on the offer of products grown the natural way – i.e. homegrown bio/eco products. Thus, visitors will be able to discover high quality and sustainable products that support a healthy lifestyle and environment without the use of crop sprays.

However, Altermed & Flora is more than just a fair – it is accompanied by a number of side events that take place at three different venues and include practical demonstrations and interactive lectures.

Here are some of the most prominent lectures:

  • Sanja Lončar “How to have more energy”, “Preparing your own superfoods”, “Self-sufficient pantry”
  • Sabina Topolovec “Natural remedies for improving the learning capacities of children”, “Herbs instead of antibiotics”, “Quick immunity boosters”
  • At a special demonstration you will learn some tricks for growing your own seedlings
  • Igor Šajn “Is our home stealing our health?”
  • Darja Sekulič “How to maintain health and inner peace”
  • Zoran Železnikar “Understanding the mechanism of illness through the spiritual side of humans”
  • Urška Videmšek »What do they have in common? Cholesterol, pressure and pain.«
  • Andreja Cepuš “Kinship homesteads in Slovenia: integrity of life in connection with nature in practice”.

Furthermore, the visitors of the March fairs can attend a number of therapies and exercises, such as: 

  • Exercises for juicy hormones and a clean aura
  • Acupuncture and acupressure with two doctors of Chinese medicine
  • Group therapy: Sound bath and vibrational initiation
  • Group therapy: Energy therapy for the release of blockages.

On Saturday, 16 March, a bus from the Maribor University Medical Centre will also be present at the fair, where they will perform free blood type tests throughout the day and inform people about the importance of knowing your blood type.

We are thrilled to note that 120 Eco schools will participate in the fair, presenting the We Eat Responsibly projects. On Saturday, 16 March, there will be a school competition in the preparation of healthy dishes, with which we want to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet among young people. The recipes of the winning dishes, which you can try at the fair and vote for, will be published in the Jana magazine.

On Sunday, 17 March, the atrium of our showground will smell of delicious veal stew, as we are preparing a competition in cooking this mouth-watering and well-known stew. The competition is prepared in cooperation with the Farming Women Association of Slovenia and will be a treat for anyone who enjoys traditional home cooking.

The Altermed & Flora fair is a wholesome event that exceeds the boundaries of a normal fair. The opportunity for new experiences and improving your well-being awaits you between 15 and 17 March 2024 at the Celje Showground. Do not miss this unique opportunity and make sure to discover the path to natural harmony and a healthy life!


7th Coffee Festival Slovenia

Does it surprise you that coffee is the most popular drink in the world? When you get to know our Coffee Festival, you will know why.

This year, we are looking forward to the seventh extremely interesting and varied event, which we have further enriched with other boutique offers that go perfectly with coffee. Among other things, visitors will get to know Slovenian gin makers, as well as suppliers of sweets, teas and boutique wines.

Coffee Festival Slovenia sets new trends in the preparation and drinking of coffee. The festival will be professional, informative and full of novelties. Friday will involve interesting lectures, while Saturday will take place in a more competitive spirit. Have you ever wondered how the quality of water and especially its taste affects the taste of coffee or tea? You will be able to research and discover this at the Coffee Festival, as we are happy to announce that water and tea sommeliers will be with us, as well. Coffee Festival will also feature the holder of this year’s Bob Leta (statement of the year) award, Bojan Lunežnik, with his famous Svarog gin. Exciting, isn’t it?

Join us between 15 and 17 March at the three-day Coffee Festival Slovenia, enjoy the wonders of coffee and discover the abundant fun facts related to this exquisite beverage.


47th  ApiSlovenia – the largest professional beekeeping event in Europe

Honey helps with everything and draws smiles on people’s faces! You are kindly invited to enter the wondrous and wonderful world of beekeeping. The 47th Apislovenia and Beekeeping days are about to take place at the Celje Showground.

In Slovenia, we are proud of our rich beekeeping tradition and the immense number of beekeepers. At this event, you will be able to learn about the latest equipment, materials and technologies that help us understand how to take care of our winged friends. There will be lectures, workshops and opportunities for knowledge exchange between experts and lovers of bees.

ApiSlovenia is more than just a fair – it is an opportunity for meeting Slovenian and international experts and lovers of beekeeping. Through the exhibition programme and side events, visitors can immerse themselves in all the aspects of beekeeping – from the technology of beekeeping to environment protection and biodiversity.

Visit us on 16 and 17 March at ApiSlovenia, where we will discover the wondrous world of bees and their impact on our planet.


2nd Days of Hunt

View and learn all about the latest equipment, accessories and useful tips for hunting in one place. Hunters will have the opportunity to get together and compete in the making of wild game goulash. You can try a wide variety of equipment at the fair. The exhibitors have numerous surprises in store for you! A hunters’ event beyond compare!

The significance of the hunting culture will be demonstrated through their work, the main objective of which is the preservation of a nature-friendly environment and the improvement of the habitats of animal and plant species, and consequently also the preservation and improvement of a healthy living environment for people.

This is a professional fair, organised in cooperation with the Commission for Hunting Shooting and Hunting Weapons of the Hunters Association of Slovenia. The exhibition programme will cover all the equipment and accessories necessary for successful and safe hunting. Experts in cynology and falconry will also present their work. Don’t miss the Slovenian Cynological Association, which will present hunting dog breeds. Enjoy performances by hunters’ choirs and hornists, attend a lecture and indulge in a delicious venison goulash, and your day will be perfect!


1st Days of Sport Shooting

This is the first fair of its kind in Slovenia – a fair for amateur and professional sport shooting enthusiasts. At the fair, you can see and learn about the latest offer of equipment, accessories and useful tips for sport shooting in one place. The fair will include demonstrations of various shooting disciplines, and visitors will have the opportunity to test out different types of sport shooting equipment.

The exhibition programme will include a diverse offer of sport shooting equipment, accessories and supplies.

The programme of the fair is created in cooperation with the Shooting Union of Slovenia, the Slovenian Practical Shooting Association and the Archers Association of Slovenia, so the visitors can expect exciting contents that will undoubtedly provide an abundance of inspiration for leisure activities. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet with top sportsmen and sportswomen who achieve outstanding results all over the globe. See you at the 1st Days of Sport Shooting at the Celje Showground between 15 and 17 March!


Give yourself a day full of amazing experiences and visit five different fairs in one place!

March Fairs 2024 between 15 and 17 March 2024.

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