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Press Release following the 55th MOS Press Conference


55th International Trade Fair MOS, Celje Fair, September 13–17, 2023


The largest and most traditional fair at the Celje Fairgrounds is approaching—the MOS Fair, which is celebrating its 55th anniversary! It will be held from September 13 to 17, 2023. With a 55-year history and a sustainable vision, it is the largest business and trade event in Slovenia and beyond. The MOS, dubbed the fair of all fairs, is defined by a unique jubilee spirit this year; therefore, various novelties are anticipated.



The MOS for this year will centre on the green transition with solar power plants, e-mobility, and sustainable development. Visitors will be able to see and try out e-bicycles, e-scooters, and electric cars at the exhibitors’ stands.

MOS will host a special bus, called the CELEBUS, where the Municipality of Celje will introduce an innovative product, the Centralka app and card. Centralka will function as a unified urban application and card that combines and digitises three well-established modes of mobility in the Municipality of Celje: cashless payment of parking fees, purchasing public transportation tickets (Celebus), and using the public bicycle rental system (KolesCE). Discover how Centralka is leading Celje into the future of sustainable mobility and smart cities at the exhibition space of the Municipality of Celje, which will be set up for the first time on the Celebus and placed in the fairgrounds’ atrium.



We encourage visitors, especially those from Celje, to travel to this year’s MOS by bicycle as Celjski Sejem recognises the significance of sustainable development and because the 55th MOS is an advocate of sustainability, promoting eco-friendly alternatives, and increasing public awareness of what individuals can do for a more responsible future. Bicyclists will be able to purchase cheaper tickets (only 5 euros) if they arrive at the fair on their bicycles. This initiative was launched in partnership with the Municipality of Celje, Novi Tednik and Radio Celje.



Vse na enem mestu in 5 segmentov MOS-a

Na enem mestu bo zbrana ponudba za dom, gradnjo, prosti čas in zdravo hrano, predstavila se bo slovenska modna industrija, poskrbljeno bo tudi za razvedrilo in zabavo.


A wide range of offers for housing, construction, leisure activities, and nutritious cuisine will be united in one location.

The 55th MOS will be presented in the following segments: MOS DOM, MOS TURIZEM, MOS TEHNIKA ENERGETIKA, MOS B2B in MOS PLUS. The 55th MOS will once again be a fantastic opportunity for innovations, business growth, and economic advancement.


A – Consumer products and products for personal use

C, C1 – Tourist destinations and gastronomy

D – Building furniture, garage and industrial doors, interior and exterior
shades, sunblinds, fence systems, home building, exterior decoration, floor coverings, interior equipment

E – Furniture and interior equipment, kitchen furniture, beds, stoves, lighting, cleaning systems

K – Business and home craftsmen’s tools and equipment, certified energy solutions, camping and caravanning 

L – Energy, photovoltaics, sanitary and mechanical installations, cleaning devices and utility equipment, logistics and infrastructure services

L1 – Ministries, digitisation, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, regional fractions of the Chamber of Craft and Small business and its professional sections, information and communication technology and business services, MOS Entrepreneurial Talents

OUTDOOR AREAS – MOS DOM, MOS Tehnika Energetika, MOS plus



The Street of Crafts and Artisan Workshops consistently attracts the most visitors each year. The focus will be on promoting different proffesions, so elementary and high school children who are deciding which future career to pursue are welcome to join us. You will be able to explore many different professions, watch practical demonstrations, and speak with counsellors who will answer all of your questions in one location. The European Commission, which will be representing the European Year of Skills, will also make a presentation at the fair.


The opening day of the fair will feature an energy-related event titled “European Directive on Photovoltaics on Public Buildings,” which will be hosted by the Slovenian Photovoltaic Industry Association and Regional Development Agencies. On the second day of the fair, our Celje Congress Centre will host an international business meeting of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. The third day will be designated as Economic Diplomacy Day. You are invited to take part in the MOS and all the activities mentioned, where you will be able to effectively make new business connections.

The attachment includes a more comprehensive overview of the associated events.



MOS also serves as a great link between the economy and science. You will have the chance to witness cutting-edge innovations, fresh technologies, and instances of successful partnerships between science and business. The “Intersection of Science and Economy” will feature presentations from institutions, faculties, universities, and high-tech companies. Innovations are concentrated across a variety of sectors, including electronics, mechatronics, automation, robotics, energy, bionics, ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and space technology. This fair segment seeks to encourage the development of high-tech advances and inspire young researchers to collaborate. Detailed presentations will additionally include new professions and perspective educational programmes.

The display of bionics will be this year’s highlight, with the project “Technological Virtualisation of the Bionic Head.” The project will demonstrate the many implants and stimulators that are now used in modern medicine to treat and diagnose severe neurological conditions.

Experts from the FERI University of Maribor will demonstrate the bionic human in a virtual setting where you will witness optical and photon innovations as well as the form of decoding of brain impulses after a stroke. Aside from that, they’ll introduce current developments in artificial intelligence.

The Chemical Institute will present three modules or inventions: the Green Synthetic Platform for Preparing Various Xanthophilic Esters (Dr. Alen Albreht, D04), the Formulation of Cannabinoids and their Acidic Forms with Increased Stability and Water Solubility (Dr. Mitja Kriman, D04), and the Chemical Recycling of Polyurethane Foams with Amines (Dr. Ema Žagar, D07).


Since 2016, Janez Škrlec, a former member of the Council for Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, has successfully managed The Intersection of Science and Economy. The fair exhibition’s objective is to accelerate the development of high-tech innovations and to entice young researchers to collaborate with one another. Comprehensive presentations will also present new professions and promising educational programmes.



A wide selection of travel destinations from all throughout Slovenia will be displayed in one of the larger exhibition halls. Boutique locations, farms, and local food providers will be showcased. Additionally, there will be many possibilities for tasting and learning about regional Slovenian gastronomic delicacies.

You will also become acquainted with hiking, cycling, snow, water, and adrenaline activities. New team-building opportunities will be introduced to you. There will be exhibitors representing wellness and spa, conference, cultural, and dental tourism. Additionally, there will be exhibitors in the camping and caravanning sectors selling motorhomes and related gear.

Without a doubt, the wide-ranging programme for a healthy lifestyle will pique the interest of every visitor. At MOS, you can get your blood pressure or blood sugar checked, learn how to use a defibrillator, and obtain information on infectious diseases from the National Institute of Public Health. Visit Slovenia’s biggest fair and take care of your health!



The digitization presentation will be organised as part of the MOS B2B segment. This year’s MOS will be attended by a number of ministries, showcasing to visitors the digital services offered by public institutions as well as a full digital transformation that will significantly simplify our daily interactions with these institutions.


The presentation will be divided into three segments:

  • Solutions for the economy’s digitisation

The initial segment is geared towards the business community, which makes up roughly 25% of all attendees at the MOS and is heavily represented by exhibitors. The public administration will also showcase digital solutions aimed at boosting the economy.


  • Solutions for digitising education and enhancing the digital proficiency of all participants in the education process

The second segment focuses on education. Digitization provides more advanced education methods, advanced teaching techniques, and novel educational approaches. It also eliminates numerous professions and creates new ones, which education must adapt to. Since MOS is primarily dedicated to showcasing professions and is attended by thousands of primary and secondary school children as well as university students each year, they will be happy to explore novelties in the field of education digitization. However, we must not overlook the adults who are also involved in the educational process.


  • Solutions for digitising public administration and increasing the digital proficiency of the entire population

The main focus here will be on increasing the digital proficiency of the entire population and encouraging as many citizens of the Republic of Slovenia as possible to make use of the benefits of digitization. The Ministry of Public Administration will serve as the primary carrier, with participation from other ministries and institutions.



You will meet over 1,000 exhibitors, make fantastic fair purchases, and obtain all the information you require.

Last year, almost 90% of exhibitors assessed their fair performance and visitor reaction as highly successful. The fair met all of their expectations by the same percentage. Based on early feedback from exhibitors, we can promise you that this will be at least as true this year. Last year, about 65,000 people attended the fair; be one of them this year and become a part of the unique fair adventure that you will undoubtedly remember!

Take a vacation to Celje, enjoy a beautiful day of entertainment and relaxation, and get to know the 55th MOS.



Tickets for the fair are available at a discounted pre-sale price, with a 1+1 free promotion in August (receive 2 tickets for the price of 1) for 9 euros.
Individual tickets are available for a discount price of 5 euros on the first day of the fair.

The fair is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Sunday until 5:00 p.m.

Visit Celje Fair, the 55th International Trade Fair MOS, September 13–17, 2023.

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