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After three years, the newest achievements of global industry on display again at the International Industry Fair

Today we opened the International Industry Fair in Celje for all the enthusiasts and admirers of the ever-changing trends in the field. The fact that one of the biggest and most prominent fairs in the industry is back after three years is vital for our economy, as it presents a platform that informs Slovenia about the technologies and novelties that will facilitate progress within the industry.

At the opening ceremony, the importance of the fair was emphasised by Executive Director of Celjski sejem, Robert Otorepec, the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Celje, Vladimir Ljubek, and the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Počivalšek, who attended the fair virtually due to illness. Prominent visitors of the fair included State Secretary mag. Polona Rifelj.

Those present at the opening were first addressed and greeted by mag. Otorepec, who gave some words of encouragement to the exhibitors. “I am certain that after three years, this year’s International Industry Fair will offer the visitors plenty of novelties, new information and knowledge and help them make informed purchase decisions. I would like to thank all the exhibitors for your cooperation. My wish for you is to achieve and exceed all the goals that you have set for yourself by participating in this year’s fair,” he said.

In his speech, Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Celje Vladimir Ljubek confirmed the importance of such fairs for the development of the society and economy in the field of industry. He also recollected the 2019 International Industry Fair: “Three years ago, as many as 99 % of exhibitors assessed their performance at the fair as successful. I believe it will be the same this year. The fair will have an abundance of visitors and many new business deals will be concluded.” Later, he congratulated the company Celjski sejem for organising the fair and wished the exhibitors a successful performance and plenty of business successes.

The event was virtually attended by Minister Počivalšek, who expressed his delight over the fact that the International Industry Fair was back. He commented that innovation, development and new know-how were the key factors of the progress of economy, which is why he commended the decision of the fair’s management to offer visitors professional contents, as well. He addressed the exhibitors, too. “Welders, toolmakers and plastic specialists are at the forefront of this year’s fair. With your innovativeness and export orientation, you represent the foundations of Slovenia’s prosperity and development. You are a vital part of our economy.“ He then wished everyone to find new partnerships, conclude new businesses and leave with new knowledge and ideas that would contribute to the development of their company and the Slovenian economy. With these words, he officially opened the 2022 International Industry Fair.

The speeches were followed by the fair awards ceremony. The awards were presented by dr. Blaž Nardin, Dean of the Faculty of Polymer Technology of Slovenj Gradec, mag. Robert Otorepec and mag. Polona Rifelj. First, they presented the fair awards for representatives. The bronze award went to the company ILIRIK proizvodnja in storitve d.o.o, the silver award went to PRECIZ d.o.o., and the golden award was presented to VARIKON d.o.o. Then, the awards for manufacturers were presented. The bronze award went to Daihen Varstroj d.d., the silver award went to KMS d.o.o., and the golden award was given to the company VIRS d.o.o.

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