ApiSlovenia Fair


Beekeeping Days in Celje

The largest professional beekeeping event in Europe, and, of course, all things honey.

If bees are your passion, you don’t want to miss ApiSlovenia, the fair with the best offer of honeybee products and beekeeping equipment. The fair has been in existence for over 40 years and the beekeeping community has embraced it as their own. In addition to the exhibition programme, the fair offers a number of professional lectures on beekeeping, where you can find plenty of new information and leave the fair with new knowledge. Beekeepers large and small, passionate and devoted, welcome to the traditional Beekeeping Days at the Celje Showground!

The fair takes place within the scope of the Spring Fairs, which include Coffee Festival Slovenia, the Days of Hunt fair, the Days of Sport Shooting fair, Altermed & Flora and ApiSlovenia.


Exhibition programme
  • Beekeeping equipment, accessories and materials
  • Honey and honey products
  • Innovations in beekeeping
  • Apitherapy
Expert consultation topics
  • Beeswax: the state of the beeswax market, risk assessment of counterfeits, and measures to establish quality control
  • The quality of wax in Slovenian beehives and measures for its improvement
  • Presentation of the call for co-financing the purchase or production of certified or analyzed wax foundations
  • Presentation of technological innovations in the field of wax production and processing
  • Why and how should we ensure that we have quality queens in bee colonies?
  • Bee care in new climatic conditions and actions during the nectar flow of ivy
  • Processing wax in own beekeeping
  • Apitourism - a market niche in beekeeping
  • The use of bee products in apitherapy

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