Advertising at the Fair

1. Jumbo poster


950 €

Size 5 m x 2,4 m

2. Own advertising board (outside the exhibition space)

210 €

Own advertising board setup on the showground – onsite setup location

Size 80 cm x 200 cm

3. Hanging flags


170 €

Displaying a flag in front of Hall D or Hall L

4. Advertising on the LED screen at the main entrance


470 €

Dimensions of the screen: 6912 x 2304 mm

Resolution of the screen: 1152 x 384 px

Advertisement format: 10 s video mp4, wmv, avi / image JPG, repeat every 10 min

5. Promotional material distribution - attracting visitors


60 €/day/person

PRINTED MATERIALS DISTRIBUTION: Leaflet, magazine and catalog distribution

MASCOT ANIMATION: Mascot on the showground

6. Advertising on the fair's website


150 €

LOGO on our website linked to your website

Width 350px, .jpg format

All prices exclude VAT. Banners, flags, advertisement boards and advertising materials are to be provided by the client placing an order. The number of billboards and banners is limited so the date of order will be the decisive criteria for assigning advertising space.

To submit an order, fill in the attached order form and send it to our address:
Celjski sejem d.d., Deckova 1, 3102 Celje.
For additional information, please call T: +386 3 54 33 000 or send your inquiry to E: [email protected].

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