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International Industry Fair with record numbers

On the last day of the International Industry Fair, we can proudly and joyfully announce that the fair has recorded a record number of exhibitors and visitors. This year, there were the most exhibitors yet – 330 exhibitors from 15 countries, 1000 brands from 30 countries, and more than 17,000 visitors.

The four days of the International Industry Fair were marked by a rich professional program of various industries in the industry. The first day of the fair was dedicated to automation and optimization of production processes, the second day was Welding Technology Day, which featured national and international welding competitions, the third day was Toolmaking and Maintenance Day, and the last day was Plastic Industry Day. Companies, both Slovenian and foreign, presented numerous innovative solutions and products at the fair. Seven exhibitors also received special fair awards for the most innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable products. The International Industry Fair in Celje thus offered a comprehensive overview of various industries and presented the latest trends and technologies. A record number of visitors were also recorded among high school and college students, who rated the fair as an exceptional opportunity to combine theory and practice and upgrade their learning process.

The record numbers of the International Industry Fair provide an excellent starting point for the next one. Many exhibitors have already submitted inquiries for the next International Industry Fair, which will take place in 2025.

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