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Exceptional first day of the International Industry Fair and Lestech Fair

The largest and most important professional fair in Southeast Europe – the International Industry Fair and the Lestech Fair officially opened their doors today at 10:00 am. The fair was officially opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. ROBERT GOLOB

Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sports, Matjaž Han. Together with the President of the Management Board of Celjski sejem, Nina Ermenc Pangerl, Mayor of MO Celje, Matija Kovačič, and Dr. Aleš Hančič, Director of TECOS, the Prime Minister toured the exhibition halls and concluded that the fair is an excellent indicator of what Slovenian economy can achieve.

Slovenia is the third most industrialized country in Europe, right behind Ireland and the Czech Republic. The fair is also important in terms of education as it can inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology. Exhibitions with such knowledge and technological innovations can facilitate the decision of young people to choose technological professions.

Nina Ermenc Pangerl, the President of the Management Board of Celjski sejem, emphasized the importance of the fair, which reaches the level of fairs abroad, as we can see the latest technological achievements, where the emphasis is on knowledge transfer and best practices, which is a big reason why industry professionals visit the fair.

The Mayor of MO Celje is convinced that the fairs will shape the future of Celje, given the exceptional response from exhibitors and visitors. Therefore, the Municipality of Celje will further strengthen its cooperation with Celjski sejem, which will result in the development of tourism, hospitality, and traffic.

Dr. Aleš Hančič, Director of TECOS, emphasized the importance of the fair for networking and the flow of ideas. Such fairs bring together an extraordinary concentration of knowledge and solutions that flow from one industry to another. This is where deals and acquaintances are made that help companies penetrate other markets. As he emphasized, he was surprised and impressed by the growth of this fair, which garnered a lot of interest among companies, demonstrating how important industry is in Slovenia.

Over the next four days, visitors and companies, who make the most business deals at this fair, will see the latest innovations in the global industry. There are 330 exhibitors from 15 countries and 1000 brands from 30 countries represented at the fair. The fair will take place until Friday, April 21.

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